Bosch AHS 54-20 LI Lithium Ion Hedgecutter

-Enhanced 36 V/1.3 Ah lithium-ion battery and charger featuring syneon chip
-54 cm blade length with 20 mm tooth spacing
-Patented power tech blade system (anti-stall system), reverses blade action
-Laser cut, diamond ground blades for vibration free sharp clean cutting
-Lightweight ergonomic design with soft-grip handle, dual handed safety switching

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AHS 54-20 LI – cordless mobility and maximum power

The Bosch AHS 54-20 LI cordless hedgecutter is an ideal solution for medium to large sized hedges. Offering a long run time and powerful performance, the AHS 54-20 LI comes with a 36 V 1.3 Ah lithium-ion battery for the freedom to use anywhere. Its low weight is kind to your arms and back, plus the 54 cm laser cut, diamond ground blade gives a precise clean cut every time. For added benefits this cordless hedgecutter features the electronic ‘Anti-Blocking System’ for a continuous cut even through tough or thick branches.

Cordless freedom

Being cordless removes the hassle of untangling the cable or the risk of cutting through it. The AHS 54-20 LI is powered by an innovative Bosch 36 V 1.3 Ah lithium-ion battery, meaning you can use it anywhere around your garden. The AHS 54-20 LI will be fully charged in just 45 minutes and runs for up to 50 minutes depending on the thickness and density of your hedge. Bosch lithium-ion batteries can be interchanged with other similar powered Bosch tools within the 36 V family, making your Bosch garden tools even more versatile.

Continuous cutting with the ‘Anti-Blocking System’

All Bosch lithium-ion hedgecutters and shears help put an end to annoying jams and stalls thanks to the electronic anti-stall device, the ‘Anti-Blocking System’. If a thick branch cannot be cut through immediately, the innovative micro-electronics detect this and instantly adjusts the running direction of the blades. These blades reverse several times to storm through the stubborn branch. Where other hedgecutters may stall, the Bosch AHS 54-20 LI powers ahead.

Outstanding cutting performance

A 54 cm laser cut, diamond ground blade provides a clean, sharp and precise cut every time. Easily cut through branches of up to 20 mm in diameter, an ideal hedgecutter for medium to large sized hedges.

Balance and ergonomics

The ergonomic design with a soft grip and see-through handle guard allows for effortless, balanced and safe working with optimal visibility. Thanks to the low weight 36 V 1.3 Ah lithium-ion battery, the AHS 54-20 LI weighs only 3.5 kg making it less tiring on the upper back and arms whilst working.

Sawing function

The AHS 54-20 LI has a sawing function at the tip of the blade which enables you to through branches up to 25 mm in diameter. This feature allows you to cut branches 5 mm larger than the tooth spacing – useful for those odd parts of the hedge which have had more growth in the season.

Powered by Bosch Lithium-ion technology

The AHS 54-20 LI is powered by a 36 V 1.3 Ah Lithium-ion battery, which means:

Long run time: a fully charged battery will allow for up to 50 minutes of run time.
No self-discharge: lithium-ion batteries retain their charge whilst stored (in cool, dry conditions), so the hedgecutter is ready to use when you’re ready to use it.
Compact and lightweight: the Lithium-ion battery is up to 50% lighter than a conventional battery- but with all the power.
No memory effect: lithium-ion batteries retain their full charge capacity and can be re-charged up to 4 times more than standard batteries.
Fast charging: say goodbye to 24 hour charging – the AHS 52 LI is fully charged in only 45 minutes.